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Best Turmeric and Curcumin Supplements, and Why You Should Take Them

Best turmeric and curcumin supplements, reviews and recommendations

Turmeric has long been a popular spice in Indian cuisine. Curcumin is the active compound in turmeric that is known to have medicinal properties and health benefits.

Are turmeric supplements worth it, or should we instead use natural turmeric root powder in our meals? Let’s have a closer look at some of the best turmeric and curcumin supplements currently available.

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15 Nutritious Vegan Sources of Protein

Vegan sources of protein

Protein is often associated with meat, but there are lots of vegetarian and vegan sources of protein as well. And even if you’re not a vegan or a vegetarian, the below high protein vegan foods can still be great additions to your diet.

Before we jump into my 15 favorite vegan sources of protein, let’s have a closer look at protein as a nutrient and why it plays such an important role in our health and well-being.

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Can You Eat Apple Seeds, or Are They Poisonous?

Can you eat apple seeds or are they poisonous?

More than often when I use an apple in my green smoothies, I actually blend the whole apple, including the core and seeds. I had always assumed that the seeds – also called pips – hold additional nutrients that we shouldn’t let go to waste.

When I shared one of these smoothies with my neighbor and told her about the ingredients I used, she asked me whether it’s okay to eat apple seeds as she thought they were poisonous.

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Discover the Health Benefits of Bitter Melon, aka Bitter Gourd or Karela

Health benefits of bitter melon aka karela

Bitter melon is a plant with quite a unique fruit, both in taste as well as in appearance. But the health benefits of bitter melon also stand out.

Despite the fact that bitter melon has a strong nutritional profile, it is still a somewhat underappreciated fruit. Maybe this is because of its bitter taste? This is strange though, because us humans have learned to appreciate foods that taste bitter, such as dark chocolate and coffee. Or is it because we don’t really know what to do with it?

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Benefits of Goat Milk vs Cow Milk

Benefits of goat milk vs cow milk

The benefits of goat milk are plentiful which makes goat milk a healthy and nutritious alternative to cow milk. Here is my simple guide to the benefits of goat milk vs cow milk, and why you should consider making the switch.

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20 Healthy Snack Ideas for Work

Healthy snack ideas for work

There are literally tons of different options to choose from when it comes to snacks to eat at work. Most of us love munching on things, especially when we have to sit in an office all day, from Monday to Friday. But snacks don’t have to be unhealthy, and that is why I’ve made a list of my favorite healthy snack ideas for work.

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How to Plant, Grow and Harvest Ginger at Home – Outdoors and Indoors

How to grow ginger at home - indoors and outdoors

Ginger has a long history as a herbal remedy for preventing all sorts of infections and disease, particularly in traditional Asian medicine.

I personally love the taste and smell of fresh ginger which is why I decided a few years ago to grow ginger at home, in my own little garden. The good news is that growing ginger at home is not as complicated as you may think. Although it loves a humid climate, it is in fact possible to grow ginger indoors.

Read this helpful guide around how to plant, grow and harvest your very own fresh ginger at home.

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Are Almonds Fattening? Almonds and Weight Loss

Are almonds fattening? Almonds and weight loss

Are almonds fattening or do they support weight loss? The poor almond is often wrongfully accused of making us gain weight, but this almighty nut is quite a nutritious little snack that can actually even assist us in losing weight.

Let’s get to know the almond a little bit better. How can this delicious treat support with weight loss and what other health benefits do almonds have to offer?

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20 Exotic Fruits You Must Try at Least Once

Exotic fruits list

When you see the range of fruits and vegetables available in the supermarket, you may think we have a lot to choose from. And actually we do, but did you know that this is only the tip of the fruit iceberg?

Supermarkets these days are keen to expand their collection of fruits as consumers become more knowledgeable. But there are still lots of exotic fruits out there that we may never be able to buy in the supermarket around the corner.

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White Turmeric vs Yellow Turmeric, Spot the Differences

White turmeric vs yellow turmeric

Turmeric is not typically on top of people’s grocery shopping lists, yet this spice is very diverse and offers great health benefits.

I must confess, until recently I had never really cooked any meals with turmeric as an ingredient. Until I stumbled upon an interesting recipe that had turmeric in it. Since that moment I’ve been happily experimenting with turmeric and it has slowly become one of my favorite herbs.

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