Can You Eat an Avocado Seed? (Benefits and Uses)

Can you eat avocado seeds?

Avocados are delicious, but can you also eat the pit? Find out if avocado seeds are edible and what some of the benefits and uses are.

We all know how tasty and nutritious avocados are, but what about that big, bulky seed inside? Most people will consider it as waste and throw it out, but did you know that the pit of an avocado is actually edible? Not only that, there are lots of other uses of avocado seeds that may surprise you.

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11 Fruits and Vegetables High in Vitamin K

Fruits and vegetables high in vitamin K

This guide shares 11 of my favorite fruits and vegetables high in vitamin K, including practical tips for preparing and serving them.

Vitamin K is essential for the body in different ways. It is best known as the vitamin that helps to form blood clots and prevent excessive bleeding. It is also suggested that vitamin K helps with the formation and repair of bones.

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Can You Eat Apple Seeds? (Guide to the Benefits)

Can you eat apple seeds? (guide to the benefits)

Are apple seeds edible, or are they poisonous? This guide explains whether there are any benefits to consuming apple seeds.

When I use an apple in my smoothies, I often blend the whole apple, including the core and seeds. I always assumed that the seeds – also called pips – hold additional nutrients that we shouldn’t let go to waste.

When I shared one of these smoothies with my neighbor and told her about the ingredients I used, she asked me whether it’s okay to eat apple seeds, because she assumed they were poisonous.

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