10 Typical Japanese Breakfast Foods

Japanese breakfast foods

Traditional Japanese cultural beliefs dictate that the first meal of the day should include a well-rounded assortment of foods to provide nutrients and energy.

Only with this kind of breakfast in your stomach will you be able to face the day with energy and grace.

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15 Popular Japanese Vegetables

Japanese vegetables

A list of 15 unique and popular vegetables in Japan, each with unique flavors and nutritional profiles, plus handy recipe ideas.

Japanese cuisine is loaded with exotic flavors and textures, and many of these are created thanks to the unique vegetables featured in the various dishes.

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10 Brown Vegetables From Around the World

Brown vegetables

A list with 10 of my favorite brown vegetables from around the world, each with unique flavors, shapes, and nutritional profiles.

Brown veggies may not be the most exciting, but these unremarkable-looking offerings from the plant world are still worth including in your diet.

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10 Fruits That Start With Z

Fruits that start with z

The letter Z may not be all that common in the English language, but it is used frequently in other languages around the world.

And that is why this list of the top 10 fruits that start with the letter Z features so much exotic produce.

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15 Hawaiian Fruits You Need to Try

Hawaiian fruits

A list of 15 unique and delicious fruits from Hawaii, including tips on how best to find, prepare and consume them.

The islands of Hawaii are well-known for their variety of fresh tropical fruit. Interestingly though, very few of the fruits you’ll find in this state are native to the region.

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10 Yellow Vegetables From Around the World

Yellow vegetables

A list with 10 of my favorite yellow veggies from around the world, each with unique shapes, flavors, and nutritional profiles.

This may come as a surprise, but so many of our favorite vegetables come in varieties that include yellow. Not only are these a great way to add some sunshine to your plate, but they often also bring unique flavors to the table.

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How to Eat Bitter Melon (Preparing and Cooking)

How to eat bitter melon (preparing and cooking)

Bitter melon is a unique-looking fruit (some consider it a veggie) with an even more unique taste. To use it in your cooking, you need to know how to deal with the spikey, lumpy peel and how to tame the bitter flavor.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to eat a bitter melon the right way. I’ll start with step-by-step instructions for cutting and preparing this funny-looking cucumber and give you our best tips for cooking it to perfection.

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Broccoli vs Broccolini (Differences and Other Varieties)

Broccoli vs broccolini (differences and varieties)

Broccoli and broccolini look very similar, they almost have the same name, and there are also similarities in taste. So what’s the difference between these two produce aisle staples?

In this article, I am going to dive deep to discover the differences between broccoli and broccolini and why they matter.

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10 Best Vegetables to Juice

Best vegetables for juicing

A list with 10 of the best veggies for juicing, considering water content, texture, nutrition profiles, and flavors.

Juicing vegetables is a great way to take advantage of the nutrients some veggies have to offer. But not all greens are good candidates for juicing. Some don’t contain enough water content, others don’t have the right texture or flavors, and some can’t be consumed raw.

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