19 Ways to Eat More Vegetables (Practical Guide)

How to eat more vegetables

A guide with 19 practical and clever ways to eat more vegetables on a daily basis and get your essential nutrients in.

We all know how important it is to get your fruits and vegetables in. But while eating fruits seems an easy task, eating enough vegetables every day can be quite challenging.

This is often due to a lack of time in our daily lives. Preparing a healthy, nutritious meal is often substituted by a convenient takeaway dish.

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How to Eat Seaweed (8 Ways to Add More Seaweed to Your Diet)

How to eat more seaweed (8 ways)

A guide with eight simple ways to add more seaweed to your diet, so you can take advantage of its nutritional benefits and flavors.

One of the most underrated vegetables is seaweed. Okay, that might be a bit cheeky, but seaweed is actually considered a sea vegetable.

Edible types of seaweed offer some unique nutritional benefits that many of us are missing out on or are otherwise not getting enough from.

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5 Best Spirulina Powder Supplements (Buying Guide)

Best spirulina powder supplements

Reviews of five of the best spirulina powder supplements, based on manufacturing process and location, price, brand reputation, and more.

Spirulina is one of the most popular and perhaps most hyped-up health foods in recent times. Some say it’s a fad that will slowly disappear, while others say it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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5 Top Rated Turmeric and Curcumin Supplements (2024 Guide)

Top rated turmeric and curcumin supplements

Turmeric has long been a popular spice in Indian cuisine for various reasons. Curcumin is the active compound in turmeric that is thought to have medicinal properties and other benefits.

Are turmeric supplements worth it, or should we instead use natural turmeric root powder in our meals?

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Can You Eat Apple Seeds? (Guide to the Benefits)

Can you eat apple seeds? (guide to the benefits)

Are apple seeds edible, or are they poisonous? This guide explains whether there are any benefits to consuming apple seeds.

When I use an apple in my smoothies, I often blend the whole apple, including the core and seeds. I always assumed that the seeds – also called pips – hold additional nutrients that we shouldn’t let go to waste.

When I shared one of these smoothies with my neighbor and told her about the ingredients I used, she asked me whether it’s okay to eat apple seeds, because she assumed they were poisonous.

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Are Almonds Fattening? (Almonds and Weight Loss Explained)

Are almonds fattening?

Are almonds fattening, or do they support weight loss?

The poor almond is often wrongfully associated with weight gain, but this almighty nut is quite a nutritious little snack that can actually assist us in losing weight.

Let’s get to know the almond a little bit better. How can this delicious help with weight loss, and what other nutritional benefits can almonds offer?

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Can You Eat Eggshells for Calcium?

Can you eat eggshells for calcium?

Eating eggshells may not sound very appealing, but they are rich in calcium. This article explains whether eggshells are edible, and how we can best prepare and consume them!

Most of us eat eggs regularly and then throw out the eggshells, not realizing that there’s actually quite some nutrition hidden in those shells.

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