Can You Eat Egg Shells for Calcium?

Can you eat egg shells for calcium?

Most of us eat eggs regularly and then throw out the egg shells not realizing that there’s actually quite some nutrition hidden in egg shells.

Since about a year ago I have been consuming egg shells on a regular basis after one of my neighbors randomly told me about her diet. At first I was very much surprised to hear that she was eating eggshells instead of just throwing them away because I never knew that egg shells were edible.

But as I learned more about it, I decided to try it for myself. I was already eating free range eggs every day, so I thought, why not try eating the shells too. Are eggshells good for us and how can we best eat them?

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A Practical Guide to Canola Oil

What is canola oil? A practical guide

There are various types of cooking oils we can choose from in the supermarket, with canola oil being one of the most popular ones.

It may come as a surprise that canola oil is actually the third most consumed oil in the world, despite the fact that it has had a somewhat bad reputation for years.

But what exactly is canola oil? Read this guide to learn more!

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10 Fruits and Vegetables High in Vitamin K

Fruits and vegetables high in vitamin K

Vitamin K is essential for the body in different ways. It is best known as the vitamin that helps to form blood clots and prevent excessive bleeding. It is also suggested that Vitamin K helps with the formation and repair of our bones.

While deficiency is very rare, it is important that we maintain a diet that provides us with sufficient vitamin K. The recommended daily allowance is 120 micrograms for men over 19 years old and 90 micrograms for women 19 years and older.

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The 1200 Calorie Diet Plan Explained

1200 Calorie diet plan benefits and example meal plans

Losing weight isn’t just about busting your butt in the gym for hours on end. You also need to have a healthy and balanced diet plan in place, combined with a good amount of self-discipline.

There are literally dozens of diet plans to choose from, with new ones popping up each day. Some may work really well for you, while others are nothing more than a temporary fad. For those who want to see quick results, the 1200 calorie diet plan is something worth looking into.

What is the 1200 calorie diet meal plan, will it work for you, and what does 1200 calories look like in terms of real, nutritious food?

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What Is Rooibos Tea? (Nutrition and Benefits)

Rooibos tea health benefits

Do you love a good cup of tea in the afternoon as much as I do? I usually stick to black or green tea, but occasionally I pour myself a refreshing cup of Rooibos tea.

Did you know that tea is the second most popular drink after water? Yes I was surprised too, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Tea is so easy to prepare, and most people enjoy drinking it.

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Raw, White or Brown Sugar, Which Is Best for You?

Raw, white and brown sugar differences

Let’s face it, we all have a bit of a sweet tooth. Most of us love a little snack in the afternoon or a delicious dessert after dinner. Nothing wrong with that.

But high sugar consumption does come at a cost, such as increased risk of obesity and diabetes, and other illnesses.

When we use sugar as an ingredient in our cooking, or when we put sugar in our coffee or tea, what type of sugar should we actually choose?

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What Is Greek Yogurt? Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Greek yogurt health benefits and nutrition facts

I don’t know about you, but I love eating a small bowl of Greek yogurt for breakfast, ideally with blueberries or raspberries, yum!

Over the years, I’ve learned to really appreciate the flavors of Greek yogurt, and natural yogurt, instead of flavored yogurt types.

Greek yogurt has become very popular in recent years, but what exactly is it? And are the health benefits of Greek yogurt really so much better than with regular yogurt?

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