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Health benefits and nutritional profiles of different types of fruits and vegetables. Eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis to further improve your overall health.

Discover the Health Benefits of Snake Fruit (Salak)

Snake fruit (salak) health benefits

In my quest to find new exotic fruits to try, I had the pleasure of eating snake fruit during my recent travels through Southeast Asia.

While snake fruit, also known as salak, is perhaps not as delicious and refreshing as other exotic fruits I’ve tried, I was still pleasantly surprised by the unique flavors and texture of this fruit.

So let’s find out a bit more about this peculiar tropical fruit, its nutritional profile and its health benefits.

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Discover the Health Benefits of Cherimoya Fruit

Cherimoya fruit health benefits

As you may know, I love trying out new fruits that aren’t as mainstream as, for example, apples and bananas. There are so many different types of fruits out there that we may have never heard of because we never see them popping up in our local supermarkets.

One of those not-so-well-known, exotic fruits is the delicious cherimoya fruit. While it may be relatively easy to get your hands on a cherimoya these days, it’s still one of those fruits that many of us never get to enjoy. Either because they are a bit different, or perhaps because they are too pricey.

But we are missing out! The cherimoya fruit is an absolute delight and deserves a bit more attention. Not only does this fruit have the best flavors, it also offers some amazing health benefits!

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Discover the Health Benefits of Castelvetrano Olives

Castelvetrano olives health benefits

Olives are certainly not for everyone, but over the years I have learned to appreciate the flavors and health benefits of olives.

Popular in the Mediterranean diet, olives are a unique type of fruit. Unlike any other fruit, olives have a very high fat content and usually have a bitter taste. Not exactly what one would expect from a fruit!

But despite, or should I say thanks to, their high fat content, olives offer unique health benefits for everyone.

With their somewhat mild flavors, Castelvetrano olives are one of the more popular type of olives. As I recently wrote about the Kalamata olive, let’s now have a closer look at its green counterpart from Sicily, the Castelvetrano olive.

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Discover the Health Benefits of Kalamata Olives

Kalamata olives health benefits

Olives, some people love them, others cannot even look at them. Over the years, I have learned to appreciate olives and have developed an acquired taste for them.

Popular in the Mediterranean diet, olives offer some amazing and unique health benefits. But did you know that there are several hundreds of different types of olives, each with their own characteristics, texture and benefits?

Native to Greece, kalamata olives are perhaps one of the most popular varieties. And while they may not be for everyone, I personally love eating kalamata olives as a little snack every now and then.

So let’s have a closer look at what Kalamata olives are all about and what health benefits they can offer us.

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Can You Eat Apple Seeds, or Are They Poisonous?

Can you eat apple seeds or are they poisonous?

More than often when I use an apple in my green smoothies, I actually blend the whole apple, including the core and seeds. I always assumed that the seeds – also called pips – hold additional nutrients that we shouldn’t let go to waste.

When I shared one of these smoothies with my neighbor and told her about the ingredients I used, she asked me whether it’s okay to eat apple seeds as she thought they were poisonous.

I had heard stories before of apples containing cyanide and being poisonous, so I figured it was time to do a bit of research into this. So here’s my two cents on whether apple seeds are poisonous, or otherwise perfectly safe for human consumption.

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Discover the Health Benefits of Bitter Melon (aka Karela or Bitter Gourd)

Health benefits of bitter melon (or karela)

Bitter melon, also known as karela and bitter gourd, is a plant with quite a unique fruit. Unique both in taste as well as in appearance. But the health benefits of bitter melon also stand out.

Despite the fact that bitter melon has a strong nutritional profile, it is still a somewhat underappreciated fruit. Maybe that’s because of its strong bitter taste?

This is strange though, because we have learned to appreciate foods that have bitter flavors, such as dark chocolate and coffee. Or is it because we don’t really know what to do with bitter melon?

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20 Exotic Fruits You Must Try at Least Once

Exotic fruits list

When looking at the range of fruits available in the supermarket, you may think there is a lot to choose from. And actually, there is, but did you know that this range is only the tip of the fruit iceberg?

Supermarkets and grocery stores these days are motivated to expand their collections of fruits as consumers become more knowledgeable. But there are still lots of exotic fruits out there that we may never be able to buy in the grocery store around the corner.

Some of these rare, weird looking, exotic fruits can be really difficult to find because they are often only available in tropical areas that we don’t often visit. The best chance to find some of these unique fruits, is by visiting a specialty grocery store or otherwise an authentic Asian supermarket.

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Kiwano (Horned Melon) Health Benefits – Discover This Spiky Tropical Fruit

Health benefits of kiwano fruit aka horned melon

Ever since I discovered dragon fruit, I have been on the hunt for other exotic fruits that you won’t easily find in the major supermarkets. Apples and oranges are great, but sometimes we just want to try something different!

So I recently stumbled upon kiwano fruit, also known as kiwano melon, or horned melon. Well, this odd looking fruit goes by many names, and its unusual, spiky appearance immediately caught my attention when I first saw it in a tropical fruit shop I had never been to before.

Without knowing what it actually was, I decided to buy it. After a bit of researching, I found out it was a horned melon. And I must say that I was quite surprised by its flavors and texture.

So what exactly is this weird looking fruit with spikes and how can we best cut and eat it? And what are some of the health benefits? Let’s find out more about the very unique kiwano!

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Are Avocado Seeds Edible? Avocado Seed Benefits and Uses

Are avocado seeds edible? Avocado seed benefits and uses

We all know how healthy and nutritious avocados are, but what about that big, bulky seed in the middle?

Most people will consider it as waste and throw it out, not knowing that the pit of an avocado is actually edible.

Not only that, there are lots of other uses of avocado seeds that may surprise you.

So what’s the deal with avocado seeds? What health benefits do they offer and how can we best eat them? Let’s find out!
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Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit (Pitaya)

Health benefits of dragon fruit aka Pitaya

I had the pleasure of eating dragon fruit (also known as pitaya) at a dinner party recently and absolutely loved it. So much so that I decided to go buy a bunch of them and try out some recipes.

I remember eating dragon fruit many years ago whilst on holiday in Thailand but had forgotten all about the taste. I’m glad I tried it again because it was definitely my favorite piece of fruit on the table at that dinner party (trust me, the table was full with lots of different types of fruit!).

Because I liked it so much, I decided to dive deeper in this exotic fruit. What are the health benefits of dragon fruit, where can we find one, and how can we best cut and eat a dragon fruit?

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