19 Ways to Sneak More Vegetables into Your Diet

How to eat more vegetables

We all know how important it is to get your fruits and vegetables in. But while eating fruits seems an easy task, eating enough vegetables each and every day can actually be quite challenging.

This is often to do with lack of time in our day to day lives. Preparing a healthy nutritious meal is all too often substituted by a convenient take away dish.

Are you also struggling to eat enough veggies? Then this article is for you!

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How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

How to eat healthy while traveling

A lot of our conditioning around food comes from living a hyper-busy life. Think about it: if you had 12 hours per day with nothing to do, you might start making new types of food from scratch instead of reaching for fast food and instant meal solutions.

One of the most busy times is during travel, when food is either an inconvenience or turns into a massive drain of energy. If you plan on traveling this summer on vacation, for work, or to visit friends and family then this article is for you.

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Benefits of the Raw Food Diet

Raw food diet benefits

The raw food diet is definitely not the easiest of diets to commit to, especially not in the society we are living in. But there’s no denying that eating raw food offers amazing health benefits for both the body as well as for the mind.

In this article I am outlining the benefits of raw food in relation to different groups of people and goals. A lot of the below benefits have been reported by people who have transitioned into a raw food diet.

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How to Eat Seaweed (8 Ways to Add More Seaweed to Your Diet)

How to eat seaweed (8 ways to add more seaweed to your diet)

One of the most underrated vegetables is seaweed. Okay, that’s a little cheeky of course, but seaweed is actually considered a sea vegetable.

Edible types of seaweed offer incredible and also unique health benefits that most of us are missing out on, or are otherwise not getting enough from.

The easiest way to consume more seaweed is with seaweed cookies and bars that you can easily find in the supermarket. But there are better ways to add more natural and unprocessed seaweed to your diet.

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The Only Three Supplements I Take Regularly

Supplements I take regularly

I’m a strong believer in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet that offers a good variety of different nutrients. As such, I try to avoid taking supplements in general because my diet provides me with most of the nutrients I need.

But there are a few exceptions. There are currently three types of supplements that I take regularly for different reasons. Read on to find out more about these supplements and why I use them.

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