Unbiased reviews of, and recommendations for, supplements to increase your intake of essential nutrients to further improve your overall health and well-being.

Before taking supplements, it’s best to have a good look at your overall diet. If your diet is well-balanced, then typically you wouldn’t need to take any supplements. If you feel that your diet is not providing you with sufficient amounts of certain nutrients, vitamins and minerals, it’s good to have a chat with a dietician before taking supplements.

Small changes to your diet can help you to get rid of symptoms that you may be experiencing. If you do want to buy supplements, it’s strongly recommended to stick to reputable brands and to always read the labels. More than often, supplements have a placebo effect and don’t actually offer good value for money.

Best Calcium Supplements (And Why You May Not Need Them)

Best calcium supplements

We often hear how important calcium is for our teeth and bones and that calcium deficiency can be a dangerous health concern.

While severe calcium deficiency is relatively uncommon in our modern day society, the market for calcium supplements is huge. Are dietary supplements really all that necessary, or should we be making changes to our diet instead?

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Best Magnesium Supplements and Their Benefits

Best magnesium supplements and their benefits

Magnesium is one of the most essential minerals, yet so many people have some level of magnesium deficiency. Are magnesium supplements the solution to this problem, or should we be making changes to our daily diet?

There are lots of different types of magnesium supplements available, each with their own benefits which can be quite confusing. Let’s have a look at the best magnesium supplements available to help you work out which ones are suitable for you.

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Best Turmeric and Curcumin Supplements, and Why You Should Take Them

Best turmeric supplements with curcumin: reviews and recommendations

Turmeric has long been a popular spice in Indian cuisine. Curcumin is the active compound in turmeric that is known to have medicinal properties and health benefits.

Are turmeric supplements worth it, or should we instead use natural turmeric root powder in our meals? Let’s have a closer look at some of the best turmeric and curcumin supplements currently available.

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Can Whey Protein Make You Gain Weight, or Even Fat? Time to Bust a Myth!

Does whey protein make you gain weight, or even fat

The term whey protein is often associated with weight lifting and body building, as it is known to help build and repair muscle tissue. Whey protein as a nutritional supplement has therefore become very popular in recent years.

The question is often raised whether the consumption of whey protein can make you gain weight, or even fat. The answer to this question is not that simple, so let’s first have a closer look at what whey protein is and what the health benefits and the potential side effects are.

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