9 Ways Raw Food Can Change Your Life

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There are a lot of common reasons for going raw. To lose weight, to solve a digestive problem, to heal your relationship with food, and more.

But here’s a list of 9 things that resulted from adding more raw food into my diet.

1. Discover New Fruits and Vegetables

One of the interesting things that happened after I started eating more raw food, is that I started to try different things at the supermarket.

I tried all kinds of new vegetables and fruits that I had never even heard of before. Some of my new favorites include exotic fruits such as durian, mangosteen and kiwano.

Kiwano fruit also known as horned melon

I also rediscovered some of my old favorite fruits like strawberries and raspberries. I used to pick raspberries from my grandmother’s raspberry patch when I was a kid, and going raw really rekindled those good memories.

2. Get Started with Gardening

I was never much of a gardener, but after going raw I realized that we are much more connected to nature than we think we are.

Starting a garden was a revelation for me. I discovered how the earth we walk on every day is responsible for the food we eat. (Yes, even meat!)

Now I just love going through the garden and figuring out all kinds of tricks to get better results. Weeding the garden isn’t as fun as planting or harvesting, but it’s definitely a fun and relaxing activity for me.

3. Appreciate Alternative Medicine

At the same time that I decided to go raw, I also decided to explore the world of alternative medicine. Not so much by choice as by circumstance. With the magic of traditional Chinese medicine, I was able to heal a lot of my internal imbalances naturally.

Chinese medicine also places a lot of importance on the foods we eat as medicine themselves. Just like Hippocrates did, saying “Let Food Be Thy Medicine”. Good health starts with a healthy and balanced diet.

4. Reduce Acne

I’ve had acne since I was 10 or 11 years old. My parents and I thought it was just my hormones, and so I went on the birth control pill when I was young.

Raw spinach leaves in cup

Back when I was a kid, my vegetarian martial arts instructor, used to tell me that food was causing my acne.

Of course I didn’t want to believe it, so I continued to ignore this advice. With more raw food I’ve been able to achieve a much clearer skin.

5. Take Back Your Kitchen

Before going raw I knew very little about cooking or preparing food for myself. I ate at a cafeteria in high school and University. I didn’t know how to feed myself so I resorted to lots of packaged and pre-made “foods”.

Going raw really taught me about nutrition and how to make food for myself, and for others. That’s really made a big difference for me, because I don’t have to look in the fridge and cupboards and wonder what you eat.

6. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Everything we do has an impact, and right now everyone is even more aware of the impact that their food choices are having on the planet.

I learned that for 1 person eating a piece of steak, there are 49 people eating out of an empty bowl. If you don’t have steak, all 50 people could have grain in their bowls, including you.

Meat has many more hidden “side effects” than we like to think about when we’re having a nice dinner. All of these hidden steps cause so much environmental waste. It’s not time to waste, instead let’s be very efficient in our environmental choices right now.

7. Improve Your Grades

I went raw for the first time during University, and I truly believe that raw food helped me get better grades. I was able to concentrate better in class, and to prepare meals quickly for myself.

Raw green smoothie

Starting my day off on the right foot and focusing really helped me to learn better, and I definitely got better grades after I went raw.

8. Doing Dishes Is Less Boring

With raw food there are no greasy pans. Yes, if I want to make something complex I might need to use a bunch of different ingredients and appliances.

But overall, there’s a lot less greasy pan scrubbing, and a lot more going outside to enjoy the sunshine happening for me.

9. Increase Your Self Confidence

Now that I’ve educated myself about what’s healthy and what’s not, I feel that I have more control and understanding of what is going into my body. I no longer have to look at so-called experts to figure out what it is to eat.

Whether meat is good or meat is bad, or carbs are good and then carbs are bad. It doesn’t matter to me anymore. I make my own choices, and I listen to my body to find out if I need to make any changes to my diet.


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