Salt Water Flush for Colon Cleansing (What Are the Benefits and How Does It Work?)

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Last updated: February 17, 2020

Detoxing, or cleansing, is a big thing these days, everyone seems to be doing it one way or another. One aspect of detoxing that has caught my attention is colon cleansing.

Keeping our colon healthy and “clean” is actually more important than we may realize, and the good thing is that there’s a lot we can do ourselves to keep our colon healthy.

One way of cleansing the colon is the salt water flush. After reading up on some of the benefits of the salt water flush, I decided to try it out myself to see what it’s all about and whether it would have any effect on me. I did this type of colonic cleansing on 5 consecutive mornings to so if it would really work for me.

Benefits of Salt Water Flush and Colon Cleansing in General

As you can probably imagine, your colon is doing a lot of processing work everyday. If you have been experiencing issues with your bowel movements, for example irregularity, or your stool doesn’t look normal, then it could well be that you have too much waste left behind in your colon.

A colonic cleanse can help to git rid of the junk and toxins that tends to accumulates over time.

The colon

Other examples of issues that a colon cleanse can help fix are bloating, digestive irritability, cramping, excessive gas, etc. If you are concerned about issues you are experiencing, please consult a doctor before trying a colonic cleanse.

A successful colon cleanse will also promote better breath and better skin, improve your sleep, and you may find that you have to sweat less. After 5 days of doing the salt water flush, I can say that I have experienced most of these effects myself.

Did You Know?

  • One in five Americans suffers from constipation issues.
  • Pure sea salt is usually unprocessed and is loaded with minerals.
  • Regular table salt is usually iodized, meaning the element iodine is added. Iodized salt was “invented” in the 1920’s to help prevent iodine deficiency which can cause intellectual disabilities and thyroid issues. However, a modern Western diet typically contains sufficient iodine.
  • If you can’t handle drinking water with salt, it’s okay to add a bit of lemon to make the salt water flush process easier for you.

What Is a Salt Water Flush?

A salt water flush is a popular, natural and easy way to cleanse your colon. The essence of a salt water cleanse is very simple:

You drink a large amount of water with salt on an empty stomach to generate bowel movements. These bowel movements (more than one!) will get rid of toxins and waste left behind in the colon.

A salt water flush is typically done as part of a fasting program, but you don’t have to fast in order to do the flush. I wasn’t fasting either, but it is absolutely essential to do this cleanse on an empty stomach.

This is why it’s best to perform the salt water flush in the morning as your body will essentially have fasted during the night.

The salt water flush not only cleanses your colon, but it also helps cleansing pretty much everything that lives between your mouth and your bottom. The flush essentially travels through your whole body.

Weight Loss

It’s important to point out that weight loss is not the purpose of this type of cleansing. The salt water flush is designed to cleanse your colon and your intestines, not to lose weight.

A salt water flush is not something that you absolutely must do, because the human body is designed to be able to get rid of toxins by itself.

Salt water flush with Himalayan salt

However, if you feel that your lifestyle and diet aren’t the healthiest, or if your bowel movements aren’t regular, you may want to consider doing a salt water flush. If you do try it and you feel you need to vomit after drinking the solution, don’t try it again.

It simply means your body can’t handle drinking such a large amount of water with salt in one go and there’s really no need to force yourself to do this type of cleanse.

For some people the salt water cleanse doesn’t work in the sense that they don’t experience strong bowel movements after drinking the solution. In that case it’s best to not try it again because it could be that your body is not able to get rid of the salt that easily.

Salt Water Flush Recipe

The recipe of a salt water flush is very simple:

  • 1 Liter (1 quart / 34 oz) of pure water
  • 2 Teaspoons of sea salt

Shake the solution thoroughly, and it’s ready to start the salt water flush.

Himalayan or Unrefined Non-Iodized Sea Salt?

The type of salt you use for a salt water flush is absolutely crucial, and can’t be stressed enough. You need to make sure that the salt you use is unrefined, non-iodized sea salt, and avoid plain table salt.

Pink Himalayan salt is also a good type of salt to use. Please make sure you use 2 teaspoons, and not tablespoons.

Use sea salt for the salt water flush

How Does the Salt Water Flush Work?

You literally need to drink this solution in one go, which is not easy, especially if it’s your first time. You could make two glasses out of it, as long as you don’t wait too long between drinking the two glasses.

It certainly won’t taste good, which is perhaps another reason to just drink it all in one go to get it over and done with. The first time I did the flush, I couldn’t drink the solution in one go, so I drank it in two bits. The second day I did drink it in one go and it got a lot easier the following days.

Within 30 minutes, or as fast as 15 minutes, you’ll start to feel your first bowel movements. The “matter” you’ll release will be very watery and gets more solid with each time you go to the bathroom.

This will happen about 3 or 4 times and then you’ll be safe to leave the house. You can now also start eating solids again, if you’re not doing the salt water flush as part of a fasting program. It’s recommended to eat light though, for the rest of the day.

The water and salt solution that passes through your body won’t get absorbed into the body. It quickly makes it way out, together with waste and toxins.

Bowl of sea salt

How Many Days?

I did this cleanse 5 mornings in a row, however it’s typically done 7 mornings in a row. You can then do another cycle a few months later if you feel you need to.

Definitely don’t do it too often though because your body simply doesn’t build up that much waste or toxins in such a short period.

One of the benefits of a salt water flush is that it’s relatively easy and quick to do, especially compared to other methods of colonic cleansing (see further below).

Tips and Tricks

When you try the salt water flush for the first time, it may be quite a daunting thing to do. Here are some tips to make it easier for you:

  • Don’t try to pass air after drinking the solution. Most likely it won’t be just air.
  • Do the salt water flush on days that you know you won’t have to go anywhere, or at least not for a few hours.
  • As mentioned above, don’t use iodized table salt.
  • You may find it easier to drink warm water instead of cold or room temperature.
  • Add a tiny little bit of lemon juice to the solution to make it taste a little bit better.
  • After drinking the solution, it’s best to just do your usual things. Some like to lie down but in my opinion lying down won’t really help the solution to flow through your body.
  • If your belly feels uncomfortable after going to the bathroom, try and massage it gently.

Alternatives for Colon Cleansing

If you don’t want to do a salt water flush, or if you’ve tried it before and now want to try something different, there are alternative ways to cleanse your colon:

  • Enema or Colonic:
    An enema is a traditional way to cleanse the colon whereby a water solution is inserted into the rectum and moves up to reach the colon. A colonic is similar but supposedly less inconvenient.
  • Increase your fiber intake:
    If you’re low on fiber, it may be good to take fiber supplements because fiber helps to nourish good bacteria in your gut and helps to form stool formation.
  • Do nothing:
    If you maintain a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition and regular exercise, and if you have normal, regular bowel movements, then cleansing your colon actually isn’t necessary at all. Simply trust your body.

Final Thoughts on Salt Water Flush

After doing the salt water flush 5 days in a row, I have come to the conclusion that’s it not for me. That may surprise you, and you may be wondering why I have written a post about it.

Well, with this post, I simply want to share my personal experiences because I know that a lot of people out there are very curious about this type of colon cleansing and would like to try it out.

And just because it isn’t for me, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be trying it! After all, colon cleansing does have certain benefits.

So why won’t I be doing it again? I actually do think it works, but for me personally, I simply don’t like the experience of going through the process. It’s just not the most pleasant thing to do.

Natural Colon Cleansing

Whilst the salt water flush is fairly common, I do find that the concept of flushing water and salt through your body is quite drastic.

The other thing that holds me back is that I believe that the human body is designed to be able to cleanse and purify itself, in a more natural way. This of course heavily depends on your lifestyle, nutrition habits and exercise routine.

But as I mentioned, just because I won’t be doing it again, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. In fact, I encourage you to try it because it’s a proven method of cleansing the colon in an easy and natural way.

It may work wonders for you and I would love to hear about your personal experiences with the salt water flush.


Salt water flush for colon cleansing

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