12 Smart Kitchen Tools and Accessories You Need Today

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Last updated: January 28, 2020

Sometimes I come across a smart kitchen tool that turns out to be a real gem. A tool that actually serves a purpose and makes my time spent in the kitchen just that little bit easier.

Culinary gadgets and kitchen utensils designed to make cooking and other food preparation tasks easier and more time efficient.

But beware, there are also lots of kitchen tools out there that are a bit of a fail. They are either very poor quality and don’t last very long, or they are simply not as handy as you hoped they would be.

I’ve created a list of innovative and smart kitchen tools and accessories that I personally believe are very good value. They are also usually quite cheap so there’s no need to dig deep into your wallet.

12 Innovative Kitchen Tools and Accessories

Here are 12 of my favorite smart kitchen tools that I think you should try at least once.

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1. Sealing Clips for Food and Snack Bags

Chips, bread, cookies, frozen vegetables, cereal… All these every day food items come in bags, and keeping them airtight is often a challenge. And that is where these super useful sealing clips come in handy.

Sealing clips

They are designed such that they are very easy to close, to open and to store. This particular set contains no less than 38 seal clips in 4 different sizes, ranging from 2.3 to 6.3 inches. They are safe, sturdy, durable, dishwasher safe, and also very colorful!

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2. Silicone Stretch Lids

I particularly like this product as it’s an environmentally friendlier alternative to plastic or foil wrap we use on a daily basis. These non-toxic silicone stretch lids are durable, reusable and very easy to clean.

Not only that, they are also dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe, and they are heat-resistant to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stretch lids

This set comes with 6 stretch lids, ranging in size from 2.64 to 8.07 inches. To give you some perspective, the largest lid will stretch to 11 inches.

And while they are circular in shape, they will also fit on square or rectangular shaped containers.

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3. Extendable and Collapsible Colander

Do you have an oversized colander or strainer in your kitchen that takes up too much space or touches the sink bottom causing things to clog up?

Then it’s time to consider this extendable and collapsible colander, designed to make your life in the kitchen a lot easier.

Extendable colander

Not only is this sturdy BPA-free colander extendable, it’s also collapsible and dishwasher safe. An extra bonus is that you can choose between the three bright colors of blue (my personal favorite) red and green.

No more boring looking, and often rusty, strainers in your kitchen that take up way too much space!

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4. Garlic Press, Peeler and Mincer

We all know how healthy garlic is, but peeling and chopping it can be such a pain. Not to mention time-consuming! The perfect solution for these first-world problems is this fancy looking stainless steel garlic press, peeler and mincer.

Garlic press

This sturdy gadget minces unpeeled garlic cloves with one easy squeeze, leaving the peel behind. What’s even better is that it can also handle ginger without any issues.

The little box this garlic press comes in also contains a handy silicone tube roller that quickly and easily peels whole garlic cloves.

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5. Onion Holder and Chopper

What’s worse than peeling and chopping garlic? That’s right, chopping onions! But using this really smart kitchen tool, chopping onions will be a breeze.

Onion chopper

The stainless steel tines allow you to hold and slice onions hands-free so your hands will not smell bad.

Simply stick it in an onion and use a kitchen knife to slice it. You can use this super handy kitchen tool for other hard vegetables and fruits too, such as carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers.

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6. Reusable Silicone Food Huggers

Similar to the stretch lids at number two, these re-usable silicone food huggers are a much better alternative to wasteful plastic wrap.

Food huggers

Extend the life of unfinished fruits and vegetables by using a food hugger! What’s even better, they can also be used for opened jars and cans.

This particular set comes with 4 food huggers, ranging in size from 1.75 to 3 inches. They are made from food-safe BPA-free silicone and they are also dishwasher safe.

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7. Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer

One of the best selling and highest rated manual juicers is this fancy looking stainless steel lemon squeezer by Bellemain.

Lemon squeezer

The conveniently thick, silicone-made handles keep your grip strong, allowing you to apply more strength which in turn results in better juice yield.

This best selling citrus juicer has a powerful stainless steel design that will make it last forever. Cleaning is easy, but you can also safely place it in the dishwasher after use.

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8. Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

If you’re not familiar with sous vide cooking, it’s actually very simple. It’s a new method of food preparation with a device that heats up and circulates water such that food gets cooked more evenly.

Simply attach it to a pan, set the desired temperature and time, and your food gets cooked to perfection.

Sous vide immersion circulator

Cooking a steak with a sous vide immersion calculator is super easy. All you need to do is put the meat in a heat-resistant bag together with your favorite spices and herbs, place it in a pan with water, and the immersion circulator will do the rest!

This Gizmo model is super ergonomic with a comfortable grip.

It also uses both Fahrenheit and Celcius so you don’t need to calculate conversions. It also includes a handy cookbook with a variety of sous vide recipes so you can get started straight away!

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9. Clip-on Silicone Strainer

Love pasta as much as I do? Then you will also love this clip-on strainer with neatly designed clips that will fit almost all round pots, pans and bowls.

Clip on strainer

The best thing about this smart kitchen tool is its compact size, much smaller than a traditional colander.

Made from top-quality silicone, this strainer is completely BPA-free, dishwasher-safe and FDA-approved. It is heat-resistant and is also able to deal with heavier foods such as potatoes without any problems.

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10. Pineapple Corer and Slicer

Cutting and chopping a pineapple is hard work. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but it’s definitely not as easy as peeling an apple.

But with a super smart kitchen tool like this pineapple corer and slicer, you can have delicious pineapple slices served up in no time.

Pineapple corer and slicer

How it works is relatively easy. First you cut the top part off and then you push and rotate the corer into the pineapple all the way to the bottom.

Then you pull the core out of the pineapple, and by pushing down the detachable wedger you will get yourself a plate full of beautiful chucks of fresh pineapple in seconds.

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11. Corn Stripper

This simple yet very efficient corn stripper is able to remove the kernels from the cob with an easy twist and push motion.

Corn stripper

The stainless steel blades make this process quite effortless and also enjoyable. This corn stripper is top rack dishwasher safe.

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12. Electric Salt and Pepper Grinders

This battery-powered salt and pepper grinder set with fancy LED lights is able to grind your spices with one simple touch of a button. Simply turn the knob clockwise to get a fine grind or anti-clockwise for a coarser grind.

Electric salt and pepper grinders

The design of this smart kitchen tool is great too, with a high quality stainless steel body and transparent acrylic window. Please note that each mill requires 6 AAA-batteries that are not included with the set.

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