The Medical Marijuana Debate – A TED Talk

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Legalizing cannabis as a medical treatment has been a hot debate for many years.

Some consider marijuana an evil drug that serves no medical purpose, while others believe that medical marijuana is a medicinal wonder of nature.

Currently 33 states in the US have legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Why I Changed My Mind About Medicinal Cannabis | Hugh Hempel

In this TED Talk, Hugh Hempel starts his presentation by saying that his 11 year old twin daughters are using marijuana.

Hugh continues by explaining that his daughters suffer from a very rare and incurable genetic disorder called Niemann-Pick type C (childhood Alzheimer’s). This disease stops a patient’s cells from processing and eliminating cholesterol. The accumulation of cholesterol then overloads organs and attacks the brains.

Hugh tells us how he and his wife, since hearing the devastating news of this diagnosis, have been dedicating their lives to finding effective treatment for their children.

Hugh explains how cannabis eventually came into play and how cannabis oil treatment has changed their daughters’ lives dramatically, being able to control their seizures in a much more effective way than pharmaceutical medicine.

Hugh Hempel makes a strong and fair case for legalizing medical marijuana. Watch his inspiring story here:

Niemann–Pick disease, type C
Medical cannabis in the United States

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