What Is Saffron? Discover the Spice of Happiness

What is saffron? The spice of happiness

In this article I am going to share with you how I discovered Saffron, also known as the spice of happiness, and often referred to as the most expensive spice in the world.

There’s so much more to saffron than just its unique taste, pretty looks and high price tag, so let’s go on a little saffron discovery tour with me!

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What Is Rooibos Tea? Discover This Tasty Red Drink

What is rooibos tea?

Do you love a good cup of tea in the afternoon as much as I do? I usually stick with black or green tea, but I do occasionally pour myself a refreshing cup of Rooibos tea.

Did you know that tea is the second most popular drink after water? Yes I was surprised too, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Tea is so easy to prepare, and most people enjoy drinking it.

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How to Plant, Grow and Harvest Ginger at Home (Outdoors and Indoors)

How to grow ginger at home

Ginger has a long history as a herbal medicine in some parts of the world. Fresh ginger is also a popular ingredient in many recipes because of its unique flavors and nutritional benefits.

I personally love the taste and smell of fresh ginger, and a few years ago I was surprised to find out that it’s actually not that hard to grow your own ginger at home. Although ginger thrives best in a humid climate, it is in fact possible to grow ginger indoors as well as outdoors.

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White Turmeric vs Yellow Turmeric (Key Differences)

White turmeric versus yellow turmeric

Turmeric is not typically on top of people’s grocery shopping lists, yet this spice is very diverse and offers great health benefits.

I must confess, until recently I had never really cooked any meals with turmeric as an ingredient. Until I stumbled upon an interesting recipe that had turmeric in it. Since that moment I’ve been happily experimenting with turmeric and it has slowly become one of my favorite herbs.

Did you know that there is white turmeric and yellow turmeric? Although they look quite the same (apart from the color of course), there are actually quite some differences between the two.

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