9 Delicious Foods to Boost Your Mood

9 Delicious mood boosting foods

Are you losing focus after that initial morning buzz? Does your mood drop as the day progresses? Or are you perhaps even feeling a little down and tired towards the end of the afternoon?

You may need to have a closer look at what you’re drinking and eating throughout the day, and make a few small changes to your daily diet. There are lots of foods out there that have the power to lift your mood when you most need it.

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10 Common Types of Edible Mushrooms You Should Try

Types of edible mushrooms

Do you love eating mushrooms as much as I do? Are you keen to start experimenting with new flavors in your favorite dishes?

You’ve come to right place, because in this article I am going to share 10 different types of edible mushrooms that I think you really need to try.

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What Is Saffron? Discover the Spice of Happiness

What is saffron? Discover this unique spice

In this article I am going to share with you how I discovered Saffron, also known as the spice of happiness, or otherwise the most expensive spice in the world.

There’s so much more to saffron than just its unique taste, pretty looks and high price tag, so let’s go on a little saffron discovery tour with me!

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What are Nopales? (History, Nutrition Facts and Benefits)

What are nopales?

What the heck are nopales? That might be what you’re thinking when you’re reading this article. I would’ve thought the same thing, until I discovered this unique vegetable a little while back.

In this article I am going to share with you how I have become so excited about nopales and the nopal cactus, and why I now try to eat them regularly.

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35 Exotic Fruits You Should Try at Least Once

Exotic fruits list

When looking at the range of fruits available in the supermarket, you may think there is a lot to choose from. And actually, there is, but did you know that this range is only the tip of the fruit iceberg?

There are still so many exotic fruits out there that we may have never seen before in any grocery store, which makes these fruits all the more exciting.

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15 Weird and Unusual Vegetables You Need to Try

Weird and unusual vegetables

If you’ve read my article about weird and exotic fruits, then you know I’m all about trying out new things. Why stick to bananas and apples, if there are so many unique and delicious fruits out there?

It’s no different when it comes to vegetables. I do love my spinach, kale and broccoli, but trying out vegetables that I don’t immediately recognize is something that always gets me excited.

The best places to find some of these unusual and weird vegetables (and I don’t mean weird in a negative way at all), is at a large fruit and veggies market, or otherwise at an Asian grocery store.

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20 Healthy Snack Ideas for Work

Healthy snack ideas for work

There are literally tons of different options to choose from when it comes to snacks to eat at work. Most of us love munching on things, especially when we have to sit in an office all day, from Monday to Friday.

But snacks don’t have to be unhealthy, and that is why I’ve made a list of my favorite healthy snack ideas for work.

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Discover Dragon Fruit, Also Known as Pitaya

Health benefits of dragon fruit, also known as pitaya

I had the pleasure of eating dragon fruit (also known as pitaya, or pitahaya) at a dinner party recently, and absolutely loved it. So much so that I decided to go buy a bunch of them and try out some recipes.

I remember eating dragon fruit many years ago whilst on holiday in Thailand but had forgotten all about the taste.

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