9 Delicious Almond Milk Smoothie Recipes

Almond milk smoothie recipes

Smoothies are a great way to get some nutrition in, while at the same time giving yourself a delicious treat (or two) every day. I have been making my own smoothie recipes ever since I discovered how convenient smoothies are, as well as enjoyable and nutritious.

When it comes to adding liquids, I often add almond milk, coconut milk, or just plain water. Sometimes I even add green tea to my smoothies!

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8 Secrets to Blending the Perfect Smoothie

How to blend the perfect smoothie

Whether you’re planning to start a healthier routine or a home culinary journey, you can bet that one of the easiest things you can make in the kitchen is a smoothie.

Popular belief dictates that smoothies are created just by tossing everything nice and nutritious in and letting the blender do its magic.

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9 Irresistible Greek Yogurt Smoothie Recipes

Greek yogurt smoothie recipes

The principle “it’s always a good time for a smoothie” holds true in our household, because we can have them any time of the day with no guilt or hesitation.

Fresh fruit smoothies mixed with powerful vegetables are overflowing with nutritional benefits that keep us fit and healthy. As a health enthusiast, I’ve always been a bit of a smoothie scientist who loves to experiment with different recipes.

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9 Tasty Avocado Smoothie Recipes

Avocado smoothie recipes

There was a time when blending avocado in a smoothie was unfamiliar to me. Back then, I only consumed avocados in guacamole, in savory dishes, or for breakfast.

I wondered if avocado smoothies were just like those hipster fads that end up tasting not so great. But as it turns out, smoothies with avocado taste really nice, as long as you mix them up with the right ingredients and liquids.

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9 Delicious and Nutritious Tropical Smoothie Recipes You Should Try

Tropical smoothie recipes

There’s nothing more rewarding after a full-on home workout than a refreshing tropical smoothie, best shared with my husband and kids.

For vegetable and fruit lovers like me, it’s so easy to go crazy with smoothies since they only take less than five minutes to prepare and share with others.

With summer in full swing, I have been trying to collect a few good tropical smoothie recipes that I can add to my list of favorite smoothies to make.

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3 Delicious Green Tea Smoothie Recipes

Green tea smoothie recipes

The best part of having a good blender in your kitchen is the experimenting with different fruits and vegetables that you would otherwise not eat or buy.

Over the years, I have created many green smoothie recipes, some worked really well, while others turned out to be a complete fail. But that’s really the fun of having a blender. Just keep experimenting with recipes and ingredients and see what works best for you.

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Delicious Banana Berry Smoothie Recipe

Banana berry smoothie recipe

The color may not be green, but this simple and nutritious banana berry smoothie will definitely give you an instant health and energy boost in the morning when you most need it.

Fresh fruit combined with Greek yogurt, a bit of cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey creates a delicious smoothie!

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Carrot and Spinach Smoothie Recipe (with Apple and Ginger)

Carrot and spinach smoothie (with apple and ginger)

If you’re in need of a healthy energy boost in the morning to get you going for the rest of the day, then try this delicious carrot and spinach smoothie recipe with apple and ginger.

This powerhouse drink is high in vitamins A and C and is loaded with a great variety of minerals such as potassium, calcium, folate and magnesium.

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Refreshing Kiwano Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Kiwano melon fruit smoothie recipe

As you may already know, I love experimenting with exotic fruits. I often visit markets and specialty grocery stores, hunting for new fruits and vegetables to try out.

One of these weird fruits is the kiwano fruit, otherwise known as horned melon. An interesting looking fruit that is a mix between a melon and a cucumber.

This kiwano fruit smoothie recipe with spinach and blueberry is surprisingly refreshing. Unfortunately I can’t make this smoothie all too often, because kiwanos are quite hard to find.

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