7 Best Single Serve Personal Blenders for Smoothies on the Go

Best single serve personal blenders

Reviews of seven of the best single-serving personal blenders, based on performance, size, manufacturer, accessories, price, and more.

Single-serve blenders are the perfect solution for those that want to prepare easy smoothies on the go and don’t want to invest in a larger, more expensive blender with too many unnecessary features.

These compact-sized personal blenders are designed with convenience in mind, so you can quickly prepare a filling drink without too much effort.

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7 Best High End Blenders (Powerful and Versatile Machines)

Best high end blenders (powerful and versatile machines)

Reviews of 7 of the best high-end blenders available today. Powerful blenders that can create creamy smoothies, nut butters, jams, and soups with ease.

Blenders have become common household kitchen essentials in recent times, as blending fruits and vegetables is an easy and simple way to consume essential nutrients without having to spend hours in the kitchen.

This article looks into the best high-end blenders available on the market today, considering horsepower, brand, consumer reviews, container size, price, and more. Professional and powerful blenders that can turn all kinds of foods into creamy smoothies and delicious soups.

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How to Eat Black Sapote Fruit (Plus Recipe Ideas)

How to eat black sapote fruit

What is black sapote, and how should we cut, prepare, and eat it? This guide explains everything we need to know about this unique fruit.

Black sapote is a strange little fruit that requires a lot of patience and great timing to enjoy. If you cut into one too early, you’ll be sadly disappointed (and a little puckered). But if you wait for these tropical delicacies to ripen, you won’t be disappointed.

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How to Eat Buddha’s Hand (Fingered Citron Fruit)

How to eat Buddha's hand

What is Buddha’s hand, and how should we prepare and eat it? This guide explains everything we can do with this unique citrus fruit.

There truly is no more unique-looking fruit in the world than Buddha’s hand citron. Not only does this squid-like citrus look different from every other fruit, but no individual Buddha’s hand looks the same as the next.

With a shape like nothing else, many wonder, how on earth are you supposed to cut and eat this fruit? Luckily, it’s not nearly as hard as it looks.

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What Is Dragon Fruit, aka Pitaya? (Complete Guide)

What is dragon fruit (aka pitaya)

Discover the delicious dragon fruit with this guide, covering its origins and history, taste and texture, varieties, and much more.

The mythical-sounding dragon fruit not only boasts an impressive name but also a colorful range of appearances and tantalizing flavors.

Originating from Central and South America, dragon fruit has captured the attention and taste buds of foodies worldwide. In this article, I will be exploring the vibrant hues and shapes of this delicious fruit, diving into its nutritional treasure trove, and sharing some scrumptious recipe ideas to get your creative culinary juices flowing.

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How to Cut and Eat a Dragon Fruit (Complete Guide)

How to eat dragon fruit

A quick guide to cutting and eating dragon fruit the right way, plus practical storage, selection, and recipe tips for this delicious fruit.

Dragon fruits have an exotic look that’s not quite like any other fruit out there. Given this, it’s no surprise many people have no idea how to approach cutting and eating this unique fruit. But don’t worry, it is much easier than it looks!

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How to Cut and Eat a Loquat Fruit (Complete Guide)

How to eat loquat

A quick guide to cutting and eating loquats the right way, plus handy storage, selection, and recipe tips for this delicious fruit.

The loquat is a unique fruit that comes in a bite-sized package. But don’t think you can just bite right into them! Inside this fuzzy little fruit are multiple large, inedible seeds that make preparing and eating loquats a bit tricky.

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How to Cut and Eat a Kiwano Melon

How to cut and eat a kiwano melon

Learn how to cut and eat kiwanos with this step-by-step guide, plus practical recipe, selection, and storage tips for this delicious fruit.

Kiwano fruits, or kiwano melons, make a delicious and nutritious addition to your diet, if you can find them.

While this tropical fruit is related to cucumbers and melons, it has a texture and flavor all its own. Because of this, you can’t prepare a kiwano the same way you would these more familiar fruits.

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15 Traditional Hawaiian Dishes You Need to Try

Traditional Hawaiian dishes

A guide with 15 popular Hawaiian dishes you should try, from colorful and delicious desserts to fresh raw fish and tasty cooked meat.

The Hawaiian islands are inhabited by an eclectic mix of cultures. These cultures have long influenced the cuisine here to create unique dishes that aren’t found anywhere else in the world.

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15 Tasty Red Vegetables From Around the World

Red vegetables

A list of 15 of my favorite red vegetables from around the world, each with unique flavors, shapes, and nutritional profiles.

As a passionate food enthusiast, I’ve always been intrigued by the vibrant colors nature paints our fruits and vegetables. Among these, red vegetables hold a special place in my heart.

Red vegetables are a great way to add color to any plate. From salads to pasta to pie, these bright veggies bring visual appeal and a host of nutrients.

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10 Typical Japanese Breakfast Foods

Japanese breakfast foods

Traditional Japanese cultural beliefs dictate that the first meal of the day should include a well-rounded assortment of foods to provide nutrients and energy.

Only with this kind of breakfast in your stomach will you be able to face the day with energy and grace.

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15 Popular Japanese Vegetables

Japanese vegetables

A list of 15 unique and popular vegetables in Japan, each with unique flavors and nutritional profiles, plus handy recipe ideas.

Japanese cuisine is loaded with exotic flavors and textures, and many of these are created thanks to the unique vegetables featured in the various dishes.

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10 Brown Vegetables From Around the World

Brown vegetables

A list with ten of my favorite brown vegetables from around the world, each with unique flavors, shapes, and nutritional profiles.

Brown veggies may not be the most exciting foods to look at, but these unremarkable-looking offerings from the plant world are still worth including in your recipes and meals.

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10 Black Vegetables You Need to Try (With Pictures)

Black vegetables

A list with ten delicious black veggies from around the world, each with unique shapes, flavors, and nutritional profiles.

Black vegetables occur when plants produce unnaturally high amounts of anthocyanins, water-soluble vacuolar pigments that can appear red, purple, blue, or black. This is also why blue vegetables, red vegetables, and purple fruits exist.

The strong presence of anthocyanin pigments is one reason why these types of veggies are fairly rare. In fact, most black produce that we eat today exists only due to selective breeding.

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10 Fruits That Start With the Letter Z

Fruits that start with z

A list with ten unique fruits that start with the letter Z, including info on their origins, how to consume them, and what they taste like.

The letter Z may not be all that common in the English language, but it is used frequently in other languages around the world.

And that is why this list of the top 10 fruits that start with the letter Z features so much exotic produce.

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15 Hawaiian Fruits You Need to Try

Hawaiian fruits

A list of 15 unique and delicious fruits from Hawaii, including tips on how best to find, prepare and consume them.

The islands of Hawaii are well-known for their variety of fresh tropical fruit. Interestingly though, very few of the fruits you’ll find in this state are native to the region.

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10 Yellow Vegetables From Around the World

Yellow vegetables

A list with ten of my favorite yellow veggies from around the world, each with unique shapes, flavors, and nutritional profiles.

This may come as a surprise, but so many of our favorite vegetables come in different color varieties that also include yellow.

Not only are these a great way to add some sunshine to your plate, but they often also bring unique flavors to the table that we may otherwise miss out on.

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Types of Juicers Explained (Complete Guide)

Types of juicers

Whether you’re a juicing veteran or completely new to juicing, buying the right juicer for your needs can be quite challenging with so many different types of juicers available.

Centrifugal vs cold press, slow vs fast juicing, masticating vs triturating, the world of juicing is more complicated than you might think.

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How to Eat Bitter Melon (Preparing and Cooking)

How to eat bitter melon (preparing and cooking)

A practical step-by-step guide on how to prepare, cook and eat bitter melon, plus handy recipe tips for this unique fruit.

Bitter melon is a unique-looking fruit (some consider it a veggie) with an even more unique taste. To use it in your cooking, you need to know how to deal with the spikey, lumpy peel and how to tame the bitter flavor.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to eat a bitter melon the right way. I’ll start with step-by-step instructions for cutting and preparing this funny-looking cucumber and give you our best tips for cooking it to perfection.

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Broccoli vs Broccolini (Differences and Other Varieties)

Broccoli vs broccolini (differences and varieties)

An outline of the differences between broccoli and broccolini, and how they relate to Chinese broccoli, Romanesco broccoli, and broccoli rabe.

Broccoli and broccolini look very similar, they almost have the same name, and there are also similarities in taste. So, what are the differences between these two produce aisle staples?

In this article, I am going to dive deep to discover the differences between broccoli and broccolini and why they matter.

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