Carrot and Spinach Smoothie (with Apple and Ginger)

Carrot and spinach smoothie recipe

A recipe for a tasty carrot and spinach smoothie with apple and ginger, offering a good mix of flavors and nutrients, perfect for in the morning.

If you need a nutritious energy boost in the morning or the afternoon to get you going for the rest of the day, try this delicious carrot and spinach smoothie with apple and ginger.

This powerhouse drink offers the perfect balance between texture, flavors, and nutrients, providing a great variety of vitamins and minerals.

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Mint Green Smoothie With Pineapple and Spinach

Mint green smoothie with pineapple and spinach

Mint may not be the most common ingredient for green smoothies, but its flavors and benefits certainly are interesting.

The below recipe is for a simple yet powerful mint green smoothie that you can use to start experimenting with mint in your own smoothie recipes.

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Refreshing Kiwano Fruit Smoothie Recipe (With Spinach and Avocado)

Refreshing kiwano fruit smoothie recipe

A refreshing, nutritious, and flavorsome kiwano melon smoothie drink, with spinach, avocado, blueberries, banana, and ginger.

As you may already know, I love experimenting with exotic fruits. I often visit markets and specialty grocery stores, hunting for new fruits and vegetables to try out.

One of these weird fruits is the kiwano fruit, otherwise known as horned melon. It sure is an interesting-looking fruit that can be described as a mix between a melon and a cucumber.

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Energizing Dragon Fruit Blueberry Smoothie

Dragon fruit blueberry smoothie recipe

A recipe for an energizing dragon fruit smoothie, with blueberries, banana, and ginger, perfect for in the morning or on a warm day.

Dragon fruit has always been one of my favorite exotic fruits; the delicious flavors and soft texture make dragon fruit a winner for me year-round.

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Delicious Chocolate Avocado Smoothie (With Banana and Spinach)

Chocolate avocado smoothie recipe

A delicious chocolate avocado smoothie with banana and spinach that works amazingly well as a filling breakfast substitute.

A smoothie recipe with two of my favorite ingredients, does it get any better? The combination of dark chocolate, in the form of cocoa powder, and avocado, works surprisingly well in a smoothie drink, especially when enjoyed in the morning as a quick but filling breakfast meal.

Add some spinach and a banana, and you’ll be drinking a nutritious and potent smoothie that will provide you with lots of energy and nutrients to get the day started the right way.

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Energizing Peach Spinach Smoothie (With Banana and Almond Milk)

Peach spinach smoothie recipe

A recipe for an energizing peach spinach smoothie with all the right flavors and nutrients, perfect for when you need an energy boost.

During the warmer summer months, I love drinking smoothies that are not only nutritious but also refreshing and perhaps a bit sweet.

One of those refreshing smoothies is this particular peach spinach smoothie. It’s a classic recipe that I often change up a bit depending on my mood, but this smoothie somehow just always works for me.

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Blending vs Juicing (Should You Drink Smoothies or Juices?)

Blending vs juicing

Blending or juicing, which is better? Read this practical guide to learn more about the pros and cons of smoothies and juices.

Blending vs juicing, it’s a never-ending debate, and rightly so! I actually enjoy doing both, as I can see the pros and cons of smoothies and juices.

This guide will hopefully help you decide whether you should invest in a blender or a juicer and figure out which is more likely to give you the biggest nutritional bang for your buck!

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Delicious Avocado Seed Green Smoothie (With Spinach and Fruits)

Avocado seed green smoothie recipe

A recipe for a delicious and nutritious avocado seed green smoothie, with baby spinach, banana, strawberries, and mint.

Did you know that avocado seeds are edible? I can’t blame you if you didn’t, but these bulky seeds in avocados are actually quite nutritious. And the best way to eat an avocado pit? As an ingredient in a tasty green smoothie recipe!

I’ve been adding avocado seeds to my smoothies for quite some time now, and today I’m sharing my favorite smoothie recipe with an avocado pit as one of the ingredients.

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Refreshing Blueberry Spinach Smoothie (With Banana and Mint)

Blueberry spinach smoothie recipe

A recipe for a refreshing blueberry spinach smoothie with all the right flavors and nutrients, perfect for in the morning or afternoon when you need an energy boost.

I don’t know about you, but I love drinking a smoothie in the morning, either with or without a cup of coffee. A freshly made smoothie gives me the energy I need to prepare for the day.

One of those smoothies I love drinking in the morning with breakfast is this refreshing and tasty blueberry spinach smoothie.

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Parsley and Cucumber Detox Green Smoothie

Parsley and cucumber detox smoothie

This parsley and cucumber detox green smoothie, with ginger and lemon, is a great way to feel recharged and revitalized.

Packed with nutrients, this delicious green smoothie drink will give you the right amount of energy to get you through the rest of the day.

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